Fix When YouTube videos loading but not playing [5 Methods]

  • May 30, 2019
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youtube videos loading but not playin

Youtube videos not loading

How To Fix Youtube Videos Not Working.

YouTube is the second famous search engine on earth. First one is Google. YouTube daily updates his working speed for his users for a better experience. But unfortunately, some technical issues occur during surfing on the internet likes caches and cookies. Basically, caches and cookies are used to improve our web experience. But for this reason some times YouTube videos loading but not playing. But the good news is we can solve this problem by following easy and simple steps. We are glad to inform you are in the right place. After reading this article (YouTube videos not working) you can easily solve the video playing problem anywhere and any time.

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Your Internet Connection Slow/Stop.

This is also a reason sometimes for internet connectivity slow. So our YouTube website easily open in the browser because of cache data. But YouTube video playing required internetworking. Check your internet if you think your internet is slow you can check your internet speed online.

Reset your router or restart your PC/Laptop. After this play, any video on YouTube and I am sure video playing properly. If still, the same problem jumps into the next solution.

Update Browser If Not Updated.

First, refresh your webpage of YouTube where your video not playing. Otherwise, close your browser and start to work again. If the problem is the same then update your browser. Update your browser always solve your minor or major problems. So if the problem is in your browser it can automatically solve.

Restart Your Computer.

No matter where the problem is exists. Try to restart your computer and then playing YouTube video.

Why Computer restart is required?

When we restart our computer it can refresh everything. Like your system working, computer processing speed and the most important your browser cache and cookies. So once cache and cookies are refreshing and your video starts playing on YouTube,

Remove Page Cache and Cookies.

I think this is the solution to a lot of problems. The related problem we can solve by erasing cache and cookies is when a file cannot download in Google Drive.

How to remove cache and cookies?

This process is very simple and easy and you can easily delete it even most of the times I am sharing this method in my website. Go to the history of your browser using this shortcut key.

Shortcut (Ctrl + H)

Select “Clear Browsing Data“. Now you will see a window. Its time to clear the data same like this.

Clear browser cookies and caches

How to Clear browser cookies and caches

After this, I am 100% sure your video is playing successfully on YouTube.

Update Adobe Flash Player.

Normally in Google Chrome and some other browsers don’t need to install flash players for loading and playing videos on YouTube and Facebook. But if your video cannot play maybe this update is the solution to the problem. Try to update it and refresh it again.

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