How To Simply Find YouTube Video Ideas (Easy & Creative)

  • January 26, 2019
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how to easily find youtube video ideas

Youtube video ideas

How To Find YouTube Video Ideas For Your Channel?

You are here so it means you are interested to work on YouTube and want to become a successful Youtuber. But at this time you are confused because you don’t have an idea. how can you create attractive YouTuber video for your brand new channel? Don’t worry now you are in right place. After reading the full article you are able to start work on YouTube with unlimited ideas and technics. First, the most important thing I tell you before starting. I cannot do anything I just realized you about the opportunities and adventures. So Let’s Start…

Follow Your Passion or Interest.

This is the most important part. Please follow your passion and interest. Don’t look at others, sometimes we face this problem when we saw another channel is running very well so I follow it. This is the wrong way because once you follow others you cannot create creative content for your videos so your videos cannot viral or popular. For more understanding read this example.

For Example, My Blog niche is (Social Media Tips, YouTube Video Ideas, Ways To Make Money Onlinebecause I know about it more than others so in daily bases I have a lot of content to publish. I Follow my interest so I don’t need to worry about Ideas. I am sure you understand my this point of view. Once you follow your interest ideas automatically comes on your mind.

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How To Find YouTube Videos Ideas (Even You Follow Your Interest).

No matter, Your passion is technology, general information, entertainment, news, gaming, and whatever. Some people asked me even we follow our interest but cannot find ideas of our YouTube video channel.

Find Your Competitor’s on YouTube.

Your competitor’s videos are the best source to find youtube video ideas. Subscribe his channel and check it when they upload a new video. As a YouTuber, this is the best source for you.

Go To Buzzsumo:

Buzzsumo is the best site who tells you the top sharing content on social media. About Titles, and Social Sharing Counter. Before creating video go to buzzsumo and search your keywords so you find out awesome ideas. otherwise simply go there and you can be seen all trending post (Posts who mostly share on social media).

More Channel Categories List For Your Mind Clearance.

So here I show you some of the most popular YouTube channels ideas. Find out your interest and start work other things you can learn when you start it. I also mention Channels list inside the list category.

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1. Unboxing Products You Bought Online or Offline (In Local Market).

Do you know people love that kind of channels. Because when someone wants to buy anything online they can find out its a quality review on YouTube. So that’s why most of the people’s do this job. They just buy it and open it in front of the camera.

Most Popular Channel of this category isInbox Therapy“. You can be seen its work if you interested to work on this category.

2. Prank Video (For Entertaining).

Prank videos is not easy to make. But it is very easy to make if you are talented. In YouTube lot of YouTubers have authority channels with lot of subscribers. Here is example of famous YouTube prank channels.

Oye Its Prank“, “P 4 Pakaoare the famous Indian and Pakistani YouTube channels.

3. Travel Vlog (For the peoples who want to travel).

If someone love travelling then during your visit just make a simple video for your trip. Do some editing and publish it on YouTube. A lot of peoples are watching videos like that.

Elena Taber is famous travel vlog on YouTube.

4. Healthy Cooking.

This is evergreen topic. Mostly people work on it because it’s lifetime work. Everyone love in taste and want to eat delicious food. So that’s why mostly peoples follow his favourite chef on YouTube for learning.

The Food Ranger is best channel for this purpose.

5. Books and Movies Reviews.

Reviews channels also working very well on YouTube. Do you know some peoples have hobby to check reviews on YouTube before selection of any book. Mostly peoples cannot watch movie without checking YouTubers/Peoples opinion about it in YouTube.

PewDiePie is a famous YouTube channel who working on books review.

6. Hair and Makeup Tutorials.

Some barbers make own Youtube channel where they teach the other junior barbers about hair cutting. Most of the women’s, who have knowledge about makeup guide other ladies in YouTube.

 MUMMY CHANNEL is working on haircuts and fashions.

I expect this information and guidance is very useful for you. Now your mind is clear about working because you follow your interest. For any kind of question freely ask me in comments. Sharing is caring. So don’t forgot to share it with other peoples, who interested to start work on YouTube.



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