WordPress VS Blogger Which One is Best?

  • January 5, 2019
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Blogger Vs WordPress Which one is better

In blogging blogger and WordPress are the two most important platform for users. Blogger is free and WordPress is paid. So how can you decide which one ☝️ if best for you. Here is my some points you can read and decide which platform is good for you.

Advantages And Disadvantages of WordPress and Blogger.

In both platforms have some advantages and some disadvantages. I will try to describe it briefly for you better understanding. I’m sure after read it you are able to decide which one platform is best for you.

Blogger Advantages:

The advantages i think we give to blogger is it’s free of cost. Here you can make outstanding blogs with just simple clicks. It’s google program so google easily rank it’s articles in google search engine. You don’t need about hosting and domain. Add Third party domain option available but it’s not required. You can add it when you want otherwise use it with .blogspot extension.

One more feature I tell you it’s easy use. Every new user who don’t know about it’s working easy make blog on blogger. But if you want to know how can create blog on blogger.

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If you know about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) then ranking is very easy for you.

Blogger Disadvantages:

One of the most important disadvantage of Blogger is SEO. Everyone not know about SEO and in blogger have not full tools that can help you for better SEO. So without search engine optimization organic taffic is very hard to find.

WordPress Advantages:

WordPress is one of the best platform for beginner and professional bloggers. Here you can find out Awesome SEO Tools, Plugins  and much more. WordPress provide Apps facility for mobile users for working in blogger with all facilities. It is not free for making blog in word press Hosting and Domain Needed. But it’s working awesome. With the help of plugins it is very easy to edit website, Submit site in webmaster tools, attached with google analytics, for better understand about SEO and much more.

WordPress Disadvantage:

It’s disadvantage is it’s Paid not free. And without WordPress site ranking is not easy.

This is simple difference between WordPress and Blogger. Hope you can enjoy it.

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