How To Check Your Focus Keywords Impressions in Search Result

  • January 23, 2019
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Check Impressions on your Targeted Keywords

Check Impressions on your Targeted Keywords

This information for the peoples who want to know about the results of low competition keywords. When I launched my new site HMANCH then I start to target on low competition keywords because my website domain authority, page authority, Alexa rank, site age, and backlinks are ZERO.

How Do You Find Low Competition Keywords?

Finding low competition keywords is a difficult task. But if you follow my method you can easily find out 0-10% difficulty keywords within 10-20 minutes approximately.

I am using ahrefs and semrush keywords research tools for this purpose.

Do you know how can I do this, read this helpful article.

Read: How To Find Low Competition Keywords With High Traffic.

How Can Check Impressions and Click on Keywords?

I start to work on low competition keywords like canva alternatives, Create maxbounty account, Fiverr affiliates and within 1 month when all the articles are Successfully indexed in google. Impressions start on these keywords.

Google updated his webmaster tool to search console. When you submit your website on search console then google index all your articles as soon as possible. But it also shows the impression rate on your articles or keywords.

For checking to go google search console.

Click on Performance.

Click on Performance

And then scroll down and see all the list of your Queries. 

You can also check country, devices and pages details.

This part is helpful for latest updates of searching keywords and pages. So we can use these searching keywords on website articles and after a short time easily we can improve ranking.


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