Benefits of Having Own Personal Blogging Website

  • January 14, 2019
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How can own websites is helpful in online business

Own Websites Benefits

Advantages of Having A Website For Business.

This information is very important for the peoples who want to make own blogging website. Before start to telling you about the benefits of own website, first you need to know which topics you can cover in this article.

  • Website Benefits For Small Business.
  • YouTube vs Blogger (Which one is best?).
  • WordPress vs Blogger (Which one platform is good for blogging).
  • Can a Personal Website is Save and Secure For Different Purposes.
  • Start Online Business With Personal Website.

How To Create Personal Website For Blogging/Business.

Making a website in blogger (Google Platform) or in WordPress is very easy and simple. Blogger is free platform and here you can make blog with blogspot domain. But users have option to add third party domain in simple method in blogger.

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WordPress is best work place for bloggers who want to established a website more professionally. This is not a free platform. But don’t worry just domain and hosting is required for making a blog in WordPress. Here i suggest you some websites to buy cheap domain and hosting for your WordPress website, if you interested.

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If you don’t know about making a website, then i am sure after read it you are able to create a website with simple steps. After making website now we go to the next step.

How Can We Established A Small Business With Personal Website.

useful benefits of online blog

Online Blog Benefits

Honestly i tell you about it. For established a small business with a website is not easy. But the good news it is not impossible. Carefully read this information, we can run any kind of business online with a blog only when our blog have active content and good in search results (Receiving Organic Traffic). For this purpose SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is required. Shortly if i tell you the secret is, during writing a post use keywords and making some backlinks. Update your blog weekly or daily, then with in 35 weeks your blog start to receiving organic traffic. After you are able to start earning with your personal blog.

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You Are Owner of Your Blog, No One Blog You:

Yes that’s why i prefer blog is better then a YouTube Channel. I agree for getting traffic is tough in website compare then YouTube and any other paid blogging sites. But by mistake if you violate any policy in these sites then your full ranking account or channel is suspended. So your all hard working and subscribers is waste.

Imagine as a website owner, No one block you because you are only owner of your site. You can use your blog as you want. For example, use it for paid advertising, leads generation, for affiliate marketing, as a mentor. You decide how can you design your blog, which type of earning program you want to prefer and much more.

Improve Effectiveness of Advertising: 

For example, in YouTube channel users have not much options to advertise on adsense ads more effectively. YouTube is control everything. But in website, owner have lot of option to advertise advertising content. For your better understanding i tell you something more. Like some website admins use adsense ads in top and bottom of the website and in between post try to sell some affiliate marketing products. 

Better Recommendation in Online Community:

Someone visit on your website and like your content because your content quality is good. So in every website have sharing options to share content with friends in social media. If someone sharing, it’s means it can recommend you. This thing is helpful for any website to make a brand.

Easy to Update and Use:

It is very use to do some changes and operate a website. Once website is established then operating is very simple. You can do simple updates with CSS and HTML. So it’s means no need any programmers in updates. But in WordPress updating is very simple and easy with the help of plugins.

Educate Your Visitors As You Want:

Your website to offer you to educate your visitors with different ways. Like you are blogger so in your articles you can educate your visitors with Video, Pictures and effective Content. Always remember website is better than any other online earning platform.

Your Own Identity On Internet:

Domain name represents your identity in internet world. If you run a blog and a small company then it’s represent your self in online how can you deliver your services and information with other peoples in global village.

Make Money From Blog Without Ads:

Yes i am right, if you have a blog/website then you can make money without ads. For monetization adsense and amazon affiliate programs is best for this purpose. After some research i can find out best 5 ways to monetization your blog without ads. Because sometimes users think showing ads is not good for website design. I hope you like these ways and use it for earning.

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Note: Website niche is matter for selection of any ads or affiliate program. For learn about niche (topic), like single topic blog or multiple topic blog which one is better for ranking. For this purpose read this helpful article.

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Fashion Blogging: For fashion bloggers i have some fashion blogging affiliate programs. Targeted traffic is also matter in earning. Niche is also depend. So if your blog is about fashion read this article and monetize your blog. But if your topic is not related about fashion then use adsense and amazon for monetization of your blog.

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Thanks for your time, i hope this information is useful for you. Ask me any question in comment section or in Facebook Page. Sharing is caring, so don’t forgot to share it with your friends.

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