Top 6 Websites to Buying Real Traffic (Costly and Cheapest)

  • December 28, 2018
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Do you know:

How to rank a website fast

Why People Buy Real Traffic?”

“Advantages and Disadvantages of Real Traffic”

“You Need to Buy Real Traffic or Not”

These questions is very common and i know when someone published new website then search in internet.

How To Buy Traffic To Your Website

How To Rank a Website

What i Need to Know About SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

How To Get Visitors To Your Website.

Every new website owner have first mission is to get visitors or customers on his website. Because without website visitors site is useless. But when you don’t have patience or you don’t know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) then you looking for buy traffic on your Website. But it’s not easy to get because in internet lot to sites provide you these kind of service. The real question is how to get actual visitors on your site. Sometimes you pay for it but without targeted traffic believe me all your website visitors is useless for you. That’s why now I tell you about site who provide you actual visitors and targeted traffic on your website.

In Which Case Buying Traffic is Good For your website.

According to my experience only in some cases you need to buy traffic. It’s depends on your website niche which type of website you can run.

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Why Website Niche is Depend on Buying Traffic?

For example: if you run an E-commerce website then without customers you cannot run your business. So in this case i say buy paid traffic and generate visitors on your online store.

But if you have personal blog and blogging in your hobby then my suggestion is don’t waste your money on buying traffic if you don’t have good content.

Why Good Content is Required for Paid Traffic?

In paid traffic you can got visitors on your website but Without good content people cannot share your website. If people cannot share your website so you cannot get Backlinks. Backlinks is the backbone of your website. Without backlinks your website cannot grow, so the result is you can receive visitors on website with paid advertising but in future your website cannot grow and you cannot receive organic traffic.

I hope now you understand why good content is required and in which cases you need to buy paid traffic for your website. So now i tell you about websites who provide you very targeted traffic on your required post or article and gives you good feedback.

Top 3 Costly Websites To Provide Real Traffic.

If you have low budget and you expect huge traffic on your website don’t worry after this i also tell you about it. These websites provide you actual, real, targeted and valid traffic.

Facebook Ads.

In Facebook advertising you can post your link on Facebook page and advertise it on different method include targeted area, people ages, gender, and interest. After using all these filters Facebook Advertising program provide you targeted visitors on your required landing page.

Select Area and Amount. So Facebook Advertising system tell you number of estimated peoples who will seen your boosted post on your selected days.

Google AdWords:

This is similar to Facebook advertising system who here you need to given your URL and select budget. So Google show your ads in google search engine top of the page. So you will receive high traffic who actually interested on your particular products. In some cases google traffic is best and in other cases Facebook traffic is best for you. Before advertising you can judge which one Advertising platform is good for you.

Bing Ads.

Bing is also one of the most popular and powerful search engine in global village. So we can say bing ads is also good because in Bing ads if you want to advertise something your advertisement shows on bing search engine results. Procedure is same like Facebook Ads and Google Ads. Select your targeted audience ares and location and advertising it on your keywords. So you can get high paid traffic on your required URL.

These types of traffic is best for online store and blog (if content is good). This advertising services is costly but if you can try it i am sure you can enjoy it’s return and your blog or online store growth fast.

Top 3 Cheap Websites to Buy Real Traffic.

Now we can talk about cheap websites who provide you real traffic in low budget.  These sites is also good when you don’t need targeted traffic and generate sales in your online store.

1: Traffic Master.

Here you can also find target traffic but not like Facebook Advertising, Bing Ads and Google Ad-word.  But if you need only traffic in USA and different areas with Age filter then it is good. In Traffic Master have Premium Plan , where you can find 2,500 Visitors in just $13. For payment method you can use PayPal and Stripe. Stripe is also a payment processor where you can pay through MasterCard, Visa Card and American Express. Don’t have PayPal don’t worry about it, you can also pay with Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard. For know how to make Payoneer Prepaid Master Card.

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Visit: Traffic Master

2: Visitorz.

This is also similar in Traffic Master But i think it is better because it’s Campaign is finished duration minimum 10 Days so i think it is good and better then traffic master. But it’s depends you what you think about it and what you need about advertising.

Visit: Visitorz


3. Web Traffic Greeks.

Webtraffic Greek

Visit: WebTrafficGreeks

This website is also simple and provide you real traffic and you can say it’s cheapest and easy for new user. I suggest you use these sites if your blog is new and you don’t need targeted traffic. Mostly these sites if useful if you have personal blog and you don’t have time to wait for ranking.

Let me know what you say about it, and which site you use for buying traffic for your website.

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