Top 5 YouTube Competitors: The Complete Guidance

  • February 1, 2019
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Top YouTube Competitors List With Details

Top YouTube Competitors List With Details

No doubt, YouTube is number one video hosting site. Before knowing about YouTube competitors first we need to know about Youtube ranking and rating. Here are some points about YouTube it tells the other YouTube competitors websites why they cannot compete YouTube.

  • YouTube Monthly Viewers WorldWide is 149 Million (Statista).
  • Daily Viewers on YouTube 63 Million (YouTube Stats).
  • Daily Watch Time in Hours is – More Than 1 Billion.
  • More Than 50% Views YouTube Received in Mobile Devices (Android & IOS & Windows).
  • Approximately 1.8 Billion Users Login on YouTube (Recode).
  • Top YouTube Channel (PewDiePie) With 50 Million Subscribers.
  • Just Top Earning Star Revenue is in 2015 – 12 Million.

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Also, I have a lot of shocking data available on YouTube. But now we can talk about YouTube Competitors. After searching overall on the internet with the help of some search engines like (Google, Yahoo, Yandex, and Bing) I find out this Top 15 Youtube Competitors. Let’s start…


YouTube Competitor Vimeo Status

YouTube and Vimeo working is similar. Vimeo allows his users to upload, download, and view videos online same like YouTube. In 2005 three PayPal former Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawid Karin create YouTube. Google bought this network in 2006 with $1.65 Billion.

Vimeo founded in 2003 and it’s headquarter located in the US. Why I add Vimeo is a YouTube competitor. Because most bloggers use it in blogs. That’s why it’s rating still grow every year.

  • The number of viewers who monthly view in Vimeo 170 Million.
  • Members who registered in Vimeo is 80 Million.
  • Monthly video views in Vimeo is 715 Million.
  • The number of premium users in Vimeo is 710,000.
  • The number of USA users in Vimeo is 24 Million.

We cannot underestimate its popularity in the USA. No doubt, this is a good site but in competition it is second and YouTube is the number one video site on the earth.

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youtube competitor Dailymotion analytics

Dailymotion rating is also awesome. I am sure you are shocked to see it’s status about monthly views and others. First, I tell you about its monetization. Dailymotion monetization system is totally different if we can compare it with YouTube. Dailymotion allows his users to upload 60 Minute Video in 24 hours and pay you according to watch time. That’s why it is useful in some cases. Now we can talk about its stats…

  • Dailymotion Monthly Views is 3 Billion.
  • 34 Local Version.
  • More than 2000 Content partners.
  • On all devices 300 Million Views per month

This is also awesome but YouTube is YouTube. When my first channel is suspended on Youtube then I migrate it in Dailymotion. But after some time I come back and start a new channel on Youtube.

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Youtube Competitor Metacafe

This is USA Based site and launched in 2003. Metacafe gives a tough competition on YouTube in the USA to generate more than 13 Million visitors per month. You can find out all types of videos here include, TV Programs, Video Games, Music, and Full Movies. For your mind clearance, I tell you a little bit about its status.

  • More than 30 Million peoples are used Metacafe.
  • 40 Million unique views globally.


Youtube Competitor Netflix

These days everyone watch Netflix ads on Youtube, Google, Popup Apps, and in display ads. Netflix currently has more than 100 Million subscribers and they still continuously run an advertising campaign. It shows a new program for its users. when someone uses Netflix and subscribe to its plan. Then they are able to watch premium videos online which videos are not available on YouTube and in any other network. That’s why it is very popular in the US.

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Amazon Prime Videos.

Top YouTube Competitor Amazon Prime Video

Amazon video prime is developed and owned by Amazon. One user subscribes its the monthly plan then they are able to watch paid videos like the latest movies and drama series online. This is an awesome idea and I think it’s work very well.

What you say about YouTube Competitors. Also, let me know which one platform you prefer for watching videos online.

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