Top 10 Shocking Websites List on the Internet

  • December 24, 2018
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Top 10 Shocking Websites List:

Do you know in internet have some awesome sites exists and mostly internet users don’t know about it. It can makes your online work more easy and simple and in some cases it can use for pranks. After some research in internet with my experience of browsing i can find out top amazing websites for you. Let’s seen it’s features and benefits.

Here you can seen most shocking websites on the internet.

1. Hackertyper.

hackertyper shocking website

Hacker Typer Shocking Website on Internet

Hackertyper site is used for prank. It’s view is very simple because over all screen is black. You just need to open it and start typing anything but the twist is your typing converts automatically in predefined codes. Double tap used for Access Granted. Use this website and feel hacker or professional programmer.

Visit Here

2. 10 Minute Mail.

Shocking Website 10 minute mail

Ten shocking websites

You are tired of creating new email addresses when your limited time subscription is expired. Use and create temporary email address in some seconds. Because you don’t need to fill any kind of forum. This site is helpful for you in many online purposes.

Visit Here

3. Fake Name Generator.

Most Shocking Websites

Top 10 Shocking Websites List fakenamegenerator

This site is very helpful when you need to generate fake details of any category. generate random details fake identity details for any country user.

Visit Here

4. Date to Date Calculator Website.

Top 10 shocking websites list name Time and Date Website

Top 10 Shocking Websites List

Some times user face problems during days,dates time duration. So that’s why i add this site in my top 10 shocking websites lists. For using this website you can measure time difference between days, dates, world time zone and much more.

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5. Down For Every One or Just Me (Website).

down for everyone or just me shocking website

Down For Everyone Or Just Me???

When you have doubts about internet speed and website site then visit this website and know which one cannot run properly. Put your testing website URL in this site and check problem between site and internet speed.

Visit Here

6. Take Screen Shot With URL:

Easy Screen shot of any webpage

How To Take Screen Shot of Any Web-page

For taking screenshot is a biggest problem when no one software install in your PC or Laptop. Using this website and provide URL which you want to take screenshot. This website provide you facility to download screen shot picture of your given URL in the different formats.

Visit Here:

7. Using Google Without Any Country Domain.

google world wide

How To Use Google Without Any Specific Country

Everyone know about Google. But when you use google before open it can detect your IP address and show specific search according your country trends. But if you want to search all over the world searches in Google put NCR after .com/

Like this:

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8.  Virus Total (Website).

How to scan a file for viruses before downloading 

How to scan a file for viruses before downloading

This website is important if are download something in internet and you have doubt someone put virus on it so you can put your URL in this website before downloading.

This site scan your given URL and show results about it.

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9. Check Live Births and Deaths All Over the World.

Birth and Death live shocking website.png

First time when you open this website you shocked to see how much fast peoples are born and dead in this world. This site show live results about populations.

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10. Internet Speed Testing (Website)

Check Internet Sppeed Online

Use this website and check your internet speed when you think your internet speed is down or only it’s your thought.

Visit Here

I can add these sites in my Top 10 Shocking Websites List because first thing is it is excited and second it is informative and helpful.

Hope this information i helpful for you let me know what you think about it and you try me. You also share your valuable opinions in comment section.


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