How To Simply Strikethrough on Google Docs (With Pictures).

  • March 6, 2019
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How To Strikethrough Google Docs Text

How To Strikethrough Google Docs Text

How To Easily Strikethrough Text in Google Docs.

Strikethrough is a text style/format and it is available in all writing software, like Google Docs, Microsoft Word, …etc. Before I show you “How To Make Google Docs Landscape“, and now I show you “How To Strikethrough Text in Google Docs“. We mostly use Strikethought option when we want to share our opinion without expression.

How do you strikethrough text on google docs?

First, open your google docs and highlight the text which you want to strikethrough. Here is a very simple example…

strikethrough google docs

how to highlight google docs text

when you highlight your required text then simply go to Format > Text > “Select Strikethrough“. Same I apply…

srtikethrough google docs option

strikethrough google docs option

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Now strikethrough is applied. Check it…

strikethrough format in google docs

Strikethrough Text Shortcuts:

For PC:

  • Press “Alt + Shift + 5”.

For Mac:

  • Press “⌘ + Shift + X”

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