How To Start Facebook Advertising: The Complete Guidance

  • January 20, 2019
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Step By Step Facebook Advertising Guidance

Facebook has more than 1 billion active monthly users. So it means we have a lot of opportunities for Boosting and Paid Advertising to get more visitors to our website. Before the start, I tell you why we need to be paid advertising even we get free visitors.

Why Paid Advertising is Better than Free Advertising on Facebook.

Free advertising process is slow, and we cannot get massive traffic. But it is good because it’s free. We need to be paid advertising when we need to promote content to a lot of visitors in a short time. In Paid advertising, we also do targeted marketing to attract more visitors and more engagement.

How Can we Pay to Facebook for Paid Advertising?

A lot of beginners stop think about Facebook marketing because they don’t know how to pay. But here I share you best payment processor for Facebook boosting.

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PayPal is best for facebook advertising. Do you know a lot of people using Facebook for marketing and prefer PayPal because it’s easy to use and best for receiving and sending payments. But everyone cannot use PayPal because in some country it’s banned. Then you have two more alternatives for this purpose.

  • Bank Account
  • Payoneer

Bank Account:

If you have a bank account credit card who support American Express, Visa, and Master Card, then you can use it for paying. I suggest you make a separate account for this purpose because this is risky. But if you know how can securely use for online banking, then this is best for you.

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Make your payments more easy with payoneer

Payoneer Account Benefits

For online banking, Payoneer is an amazing platform. Payoneer has two types of accounts.

  • Bank Account
  • Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard

Read our complete article about Payoneer. In this post you know, how to create a Payoneer Account, How to send and receive payments, Benefits of this account, and how can we use it for online marketing.

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How To Create Facebook Page For Advertising (Step By Step).

In profile, we cannot do advertising, that’s why we need Facebook page for boosting. Making a Facebook page is very easy and simple. You can create multiple Facebook pages in your single account.

  • In left Tab, Under explore select  Pages and Then select Create Page.

Step 2:

Then select which type of page you want to create, Business Page or Community Page. Select the right option you want and then select name and category. Other process is same like Facebook Profile creation.

  • Add Profile Picture.
  • Add Cover Picture.
  • Add Page Description.
  • If you have a website then add it.
  • Other settings also very simple same like that.

How To Promote Facebook Page For More Likes?

Like is more important than boosting. But in some cases post boosting is important. We can judge it when you want to drive traffic on a similar post then boosting is best. But when we want to promote the overall page for increase public response in every post then page promotion is best for this purpose.

For any kind of promotion on Facebook go to your page and then click on promotion. Same Like This……


Promote your Facebook page with this guidance

Facebook Page Promotion Guidance

For this Facebook asked you about some option. How would you like to promote your business on Facebook.

Here some option you have. I will tell you about the basics and all the promotion method is the same.

  • Boost a post.
  • Promote your send message button.
  • Get more website purchases.
  • Promote your page.
  • Get more website visitors.
  • Get more leads.
Option show what your need to do in facebook promotion

How would you like to grow your business on Facebook

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 Boost A Post:

Boosting is useful if we want to promote a single post for a large audience in a short time. for this purpose click on boost a post and then select your post. After selection select your budget, time duration, and location. After Facebook tells you about estimated how much the audience you can get in your selected budget.

In this pictures, you can be seen about Audience and Budget Section.


Audience Section in Facebook Advertising

Select Your Targeted Audience

Then Select Budget, How much time you want to promote and how much you spend on it.

Facebook targeted Ads Budget

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Promote your send message button: Get more website purchases: Promote your page: Get more website visitors: Get more leads: Details.

Why I select all these categories in one heading. Because all the procedure is the same but the only preview is different. so you can select preview or category according to your requirement.

How Can Make Attractive Post For Facebook Ads Easily.

I am using Canva to make awesome design for my Facebook post. These pics helpful for advertising to get more traffic or reach.

Do you Know: I make an awesome post within 2-3 minutes by using Cavna.

If you think Canva is not good for you. Don’t worry here I have some more alternatives for you.

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Thanks for your time. I Hope this information is very useful for you and if you think I miss something suggest me. Sharing is caring so don’t forget to share this useful information with your besties. Let me know what you think about it…..

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