Print Screen Button Not Working [Best Alternative Solution]

  • June 18, 2019
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why prntscr button not working

why prntscr button not working

When we need to take a screenshot on Microsoft Windows we use “PrntScr” button. The problem is some times the PrntScr button not working. So we are unable to take screenshots. In this post, you can find the solution on how to take a screenshot when the PrntScr button is not working. First, I will tell you some tips on how to run the print screen button and then I share with you a simple software for taking screenshots.

Why is my Print Screen button not working?

There are many reasons behind the windows programs. By following some simple methods we can solve this error and run the print screen button again.

Update Keyboard Drivers.

Check windows update maybe some updates are pending related keyboard updates. So if you find out windows update in control panel update it and then restart your computer. If the issue is only keyboard driver it can solve and you are able to capture the screenshot with the help of Print screen button.

Update Operating System.

Use latest windows (updated) so you can use every feature (include print screen button issue) without facing any issue. Here is the video about how to update windows latest version without losing anything.

After applying to update process if your keyboard (print screen button) is not working then follow my this method. This method is working 100% without any risk.

Install Screenshot Software for easy use: is the best software for capture screenshots in windows and mac.  Here is the video on how to download and run this software for your better understanding. I hope you like this software and add it to your favorite software list.

Download LightShot

Let me know your opinion about this software. And your print screen button is working. This article is helpful to you. You can answer all the questions in the comment section.

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