How Can Payoneer Helpful In Online Business?

  • December 9, 2018
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Here you can read each and everything about Payoneer ( Payment Processor ) Online Working and it’s use in business industry . How can we use it as a best alternative of PayPal and other Payment Processors.

Payoneer is a first payment processor service who working online as a freelancer and affiliate marketer. Payoneer provide you two types of account option.

  1. Payoneer Master Card Account.
  2. Payoneer Bank Account.

In Card Card Account you got a master card from Payoneer and use if in different platforms where have facility to use it. At this time more than 95% sites in the world are support MasterCard as a payment processor. Most popular sites i can show here for your understanding.

Facebook Advert, Shutter Stocks, Theme forest (Best place for buying premium themes for WordPress), Google Ads, Bing Ads, 

For Online Shopping Payoneer Card work in:

Amazon , Ali Group (Ali Express and Ali Baba), Wish, eBay…etc.

If you don’t have account of Payonner you can Signup Here and got $25 Free Bonus. 

Payoneer Signup Here

For signing up must use real details because these details is useful in future for verification in the case of any issue, i am using Payoneer for last 4 years and in this period i cannot not face any kind of problem.

But now we talk about problems and issues in Payoneer so one thing is important to know it’s Annual Fees. Payoneer provide MasterCard with free home delivery when you apply, but after they charge $29.95 Annually for MasterCard Activation. According to seen it’s benefits and facilities i think it is OK.

How Payoneer Useful in Business Industry?

As i said before, it’s MasterCard is useful for many purposes. But it’s also use for transactions of projects. Means if you got a project in worldwide outside any freelancing site so you can accept payment on Payoneer account with $0 Fees and the best part is you can easily withdraw it with any MasterCard supported ATM or direct withdraw with your bank. One thing remember Payoneer gives you fast withdraw with good rates.

Why Payoneer is better than any Bank Account?

This question is most important and informative why Payoneer is more important then any bank account or why mostly people are use it. Everybody know mostly people’s are use bank account for saving money but bank credit cards provide you online banking facility. Some peoples are use it but mostly people prefer to hide it and cannot use. They are also right because if you don’t know about Online Banking then it is very risky for you. So that’s why I recommend you to use Payoneer card, if you are using this card for online shopping i prefer you when you need to use it simply deposit some balance and use it. This is one of the best and secure way of online banking.

Payoneer Global Payment Acceptance Service?

Mostly people are use it for deposit and withdraw money and they don’t know about it’s global service. Payoneer is like a bank account. When you make a new account in payoneer then it’s also provide you details of bank deposit user can use this details and accept payment globally if sender have no account in Payoneer. This is best part of his service but if you expend your business and want to grow so it’s provide you more options of accept more money in different currencies.

like you can accept currencies from USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CNH, CAD, AUD. So it’s best for online trader and marketer.

Global Payment Service

Accept Adsense Payment:

Adsense is a google earning program used to monetized websites with advertisement. Put your Payoneer bank details in Adsense and easily withdraw money it is only possible if you Adsense and Payoneer bank country or currency is same.

Accept Payments From PayPal.

Create PayPal account and for verification attached it with Payoneer account global bank details so you are able to verify it and use your PayPal account for accepting payments and withdraw automatically in Payoneer it is also a way to deposit funds in Payoneer Account.

How To Add Funds in Payoneer?

Before i share you one of the best way to add balance in Payoneer Account with PayPal. But you have multiple ways to add balance on it. Some exchanging sites gives you option to exchange money with Payoneer in different rates according to market updated price. Simply go and exchange money from it. Third option is go to any Facebook page related about Online Earning and Exchanging and post about your requirements so exchanges are come and contact you, decide rate and exchange your funds with Payoneer.

Payoneer Minimum Amount Sending Limit?

Payoneer to Payoneer sending funds is free of cost but it’s minimum limit is $50 means you cannot send funds less than $50. But you can use less than $1 in online shopping with Payoneer credit Card.

Payoneer Signup Forum

Create Account

Hope this information is helpful for you. Let me know your valuable comments in comment section?

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