How To Create Maxbounty Account?

  • December 12, 2018
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Here you can seen how to create and approved account of maxbounty with details. If you are trying to get approved but unfortunately you cannot get success try this method.

At this time Maxbounty is one of the best platform for Publishers and Advertisers. But the main part is of creating its account. Create a Maxbounty account is not an easy task, lot of peoples are worried because it’s approval requests always rejected. Now a simple question is how can we approved account of Maxbounty?

Solution is here, first time when i try to make it’s account at least 4-5 times i face rejection. Then finally i make Maxbounty Account successfully.

How Can I Make Successfully Create Maxbounty Account?

Maxbounty wants some experience in advertising and only approved accounts of persons/users who know about advertising.

Here is some steps you need to follow during Account creation.

  • Personal Computer: This is most important step. One thing make sure before creating that you are using your personal computer, and make sure no one use it before for this purpose (means no one apply for Maxbounty Account in past)
  • Use New Email: Always apply with different email if your previous application is rejected. Because if you are using same email again and again then many chances of again rejection.
  • Use Real Details: Use your real details because it’s make a good impression of your profile and also put active Mobile Number, but if you don’t have a website use/put someone another website which looks good and have good traffic.

Follow all this steps very carefully and easily create Maxbounty account.

Next Step: Interview call

After this you need to wait interview call from Maxbounty. They can call you in your provided number once your application is approved.

How To Successfully Pass in Interview?

It’s interview process is very simple and easy. Mostly the operator of Maxbounty asked you some questions. Like

why you want to join Maxbounty?

Before you have Experience in Digital Marketing?

And some other question relative about Marketing.

And then they give you access of login means your account is approved.

Overview and look wise it’s good and simple.

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Working Procedure:

You can use your advertising skills and start earning.

Note: Don’t use fake traffic of leads generation because if you detected your Maxbounty account is banned and you cannot recover it.

Withdraw Procedure:

It’s withdraw procedure is very simple and you can use multiple payment processor like PayPal, Payoneer etc

If you have PayPal it’s good but if you don’t have then I suggested to use Payoneer.

Why Payoneer is best as a Payment Processor?

I suggest payoneer for it’s better service and facilities if someone don’t have PayPal.

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