How To Make Money On Pinterest With A Blog

  • January 28, 2019
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How To Make Money On Pinterest With A blog

How To Make Money On Pinterest With A blog

How To Make Money On Pinterest With A Blog Or Website.

Before start reading one minute think about it. There are two ways to make money online with a blog and without a blog. But the best way is to make money online with a blog. Why it is better than without a blog. You spend time on it and work hard for a long time to create a viral setup on Pinterest. Once it is viral and you don’t have your own website so I think you cannot secure. That’s why I suggested creating a website and then sharing your content on your Pinterest profile. Here one thing is important to know is: Own website is better than any other business.

For better understanding about the benefits of having own personal blog or website, read this informative article about it.

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This process is time-consuming but simple than your expectations. Create your own self hosted website. If you already have then it’s very well otherwise make it today and start your own business.

How To Start Work On Pinterest.

Pinterest is the best place where your quality content is matter. No matter, what your website is about. once you published any post on your website then simply share it on Pinterest with 3 Different Pins in Different Boards. Yes, this is secret of driven traffic on your website. Published your content continuously on Pinterest. After one week check your all pins and re-create with another design. Look at my profile without keyword research I continuously post pins and re-design it with more attraction.

how to make money on Pinterest

Within 2 weeks I got 47 Followers and 147 monthly views on my Pinterest profile. All this traffic is gone on my website and my website ranking is increased. I am sure this is simple than your expectation. But Patience is required to increase more followers and viewers.

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How To Design Attractive Pins Within A Minute.

Some peoples think the creation of attractive pins is hard to do. But this is more simple with CanvaGo to Canva and select Pinterest design temples. There you find out attractive temples. Simple edit and your Pin is ready to use. One of the most important things is its mobile app. Because when I am free I just open Canva mobile app and create multiple pins according to my requirements. After it I published on Pinterest and when someone like it they can click and go to my blog for reading.

Create Awesome Pins in Canva

Look at the awesome templates specially design for the pin on Pinterest.

Pinterest canva design template

Monetize Your Blog Or Website.

Use Pinterest as a search engine and divert traffic on your website. You can monetize your blog in different ways.

  • Google Adsense.
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Sell Your Products.

Google Adsense:

Once your received traffic on your website with Pinterest. Apply to Google Adsense. After approval ads showing on your blog and when someone clicks on it, you earn money according to CPA rate. Sometimes we don’t know about the nature of our traffic so in this case, Adsense is best for everyone.

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Affiliate Marketing:

Use amazon associates account for monetization of your blog with ads. Otherwise, if you have a review site then this is best for you. Review any product and inside link use your affiliate link for more sales. Overall affiliate monetization, Amazon is best for you. But if your blog is about Fashion then here is a list of best fashion blogging monetization programs.

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Sell Your Own Products:

You can easily sell out your products like E-Book, Traning Courses, and much more. For this purpose also Pinterest is best. We are using Pinterest to receive traffic. And we earn from this traffic with CPA and Affiliates. This is a simple highlight.

What do you think about it? You start work on Pinterest and what is your current status on it. Let me know about it in comments.

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