5 Best Ways To Make Money Online From Blog Without Ads

  • December 26, 2018
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Ways to make money online from blog without ads

Mostly people think that they can only make money on website by using Google Adsense and someone know about Amazon affiliates marketing program.

But Here i am gonna tell you best ways to make money from blog without ads.

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Ways To Make Money Online From Blog Without Adsense.

Some time when you got success to generate organic traffic and you know it’s quality not good. Quality not good means traffic clicks on ads cannot generate sales but you overall traffic is organic. So only in this case Google Adsense is best option for you because Google Adsense gives you Payment on pay per click method.

But it doesn’t means you can only earn in Adsense if you have a website. You can make money without ads more than Adsense. How can it is possible? Let’s see….

Top 5 Ways To Make Money Online From Blog Without Ads


1. Affiliates Marketing.

Believe me, if you have quality traffic then affiliates marketing is best option for you.

What is Affiliates Marketing?

Affiliates marketing in blogging means to sell some one other products with your referral link.

It’s depends on your site niche. Like if your website is about web hosting, Domain Finder, and comparison between two hosting services and you want affiliates marketing I recommend you to make affiliates accounts on these hosting sites and give your referral links on your web page article and use where you think it can work better.

Similarly if you have site on cameras then you can make account on amazon associates. Amazon associates is Amazon affiliates program. You can post about reviews of cameras and use referral links of your required (Camera) products on your articles.

In this way, if you have quality traffic then you can make money more than Google Adsense.


2. Portfolio Showdown.

Show your portfolio work in good way of you have skills of work. With good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you can attract your users and got projects of your related work. Do it and make money on your website without ads and also in this way you can got Successfully new customer. This is also a good use of website of making money without ads.

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3. Selling Digital Courses And eBooks.

You have good digital courses and eBooks and most important think you have good skills of presentation you know how can you attract your users and convert it in your customers. If you can do it believe me you can generate sells and make some handsome amount without ads.


4. Paid Guest Posting.

This is only possible if your site have good traffic, daily visitors and subscribers. When you can invite others for Paid Posts. Other users can post on your site and make Back-link. With the help of Back link user can deliver traffic on his own website. This method is good because you can received payment in advance.

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5. Paid Content Ads.

I add it because this is not similar to Google Adsense Ads. Once your site reached good traffic then if someone interested to put ads on your site then they can pay you amount for it. you can allow him to advertise here according your decided time period. This way also good because user pay you amount before placing ads.



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