Increase Website Traffic With Proper Sharing on Social Media

  • January 15, 2019
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How Can Better Sharing in Social Media Sites For Increase Website Traffic.

Social Media Sharing Ideas

Someone say we are lucky because we have social media. Today a lot of business is run in social media because it’s advertising cost is very less and reach of targeted audience is awesome to compare than Television Ads. This is just basic information about social media marketing. Here you know about proper social media sharing tips with proper SEO. I tell you about different sites where you can share your content and increase blog or website traffic. Here one thing is common in all platforms is different post sizes. For this purpose i personally suggest Canva free online tool. In Canva we can make attractive designs with different sizes in short time. But if you don’t like Canva Here is some Canva alternatives.

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Facebook (2.27 Billion Monthly Active Users):

At this time Facebook is number one social media site with record 2.27 Billion monthly active users worldwide. Do you know if we can proper share or create our Facebook post then we got lot of free visitors. Facebook also have it’s own search engine. So use keywords and tags for receiving more organic traffic on your post. Also all location because some time location is also helpful for receiving traffic in different events. Design Facebook Page with all details. Make attractive picture for your post. Determine your targeted audience online timing and then share. Here is example one my post in Facebook.

Facebook Post Ideas Facebook Sharing Tips

Instagram (1 Billion Monthly Active Users):

All the celebrities are using Instagram with verified profiles. To deliver traffic in Instagram to blog is different because here in post we cannot insert internet link of our destination article. For sharing purpose in Instagram put your site link in profile bio and in post say go to bio for more information. Your post goes viral if your select good #tags and your post is attractive. In Instagram Tags is most important for receiving traffic. Here is sample of proper post with tags. Likes and Shares you can only get if you have followers and your topic is attractive like entertainment etc.

Instagram Proper Post Tip

Pinterest (250 Million Active Users Monthy):

Most peoples in Unites States are using pinterest. So it’s means we can get valuable traffic in pinterest. Pin and Board are using here. Pin you can say your post and Board is working as an album. Create board and insert pins. It’s pin size is different than any other social media platform. User relevant tags and share your post with good description. More making awesome pins use Canva.


Pinterest Marketing Tips

Reddit (330 Million Monthly Active Users):

In reddit sharing link is more effective because all the community here is interested in learning. So according to my experience if we can share our website content in reddit then massive chance of getting traffic in different countries. But here you need up vote in posts and in comments. Then you got Karma and Karma is used to allow your content in different biggest groups.

Twitter (336 Monthly Active Users):

Twitter is also one of the most popular platform for sharing content and got followers. Here you can share your content same like Facebook. Use Tags for increase your post reach. More reach means more visitors and impressions.

Let me know which one platform you can use for transfer traffic on your Website or Blog. Sharing is caring so don’t forgot to share it with you friends..


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