How to take a Screenshot on all Windows (Simple Guideline).

  • February 13, 2019
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how to take a screenshot on windows 7

how to take a screenshot on windows 10

How To Take A Screenshot on Windows.

This post is not about just “How to take a screenshot on a pc” or “How to take a screenshot on windows 10,7,8” etc. I will share with you a method how can you take a screenshot on windows manually. Also, I share with you the software that I will use for taking screenshots. When I install any operating system in my laptop this Screenshot software installation is my first priority. I operate my websites HMANCH and for a guideline of my readers in every post, I must take some screenshots with the help of Lightshot software. First, we talk about the manual method and then in second, we discuss the use of this simple software.

How To Take A Screenshot on Windows 7.

In Microsoft Windows 7 take a screenshot is very easy. Open your screen where you want to take the screenshot in Windows 7. Press “PrntScr” on your keyboard.

Take screenshot on your window 7 easily

How to take a screenshot on windows 7

Now, a screenshot captured for seen it go any photo editor or paint in Windows 7 and click on “Paste”. After when you click on “Paste” button you will be seen your screenshot on paint. For saving this screenshot click on File >> and Select Save as. Save it in your required format PNG & JPEG. 

how to use paint while taking the screenshot.

Check, how can you save the picture in your required format.

Save Screenshot in Windows 7

By following this method you can take a Screenshot of full screen. Now we learn how to take a screenshot of any open popup in Windows 7. For this purpose, when any popup window open in desktop screen simply Press “Alt + PrntScr”.

How to take screenshot of popup window

The further procedure is the same go to paint and paste ….. etc. 

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How To Take A Screenshot on Windows 10.

Capture a screenshot on Windows 10 is similar to Windows 7. The difference is just a single button on the keyboard. For capturing screenshoWindowsndows 10 Press “Window + PrntScr”. 

How to take a Screenshot on Windows 10

When you press it your screen is blink for a microsecond. It shows screenshot is successfully captured. Next step is the same I already show you in the Windows 7 section (upper in this article).

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How To Take A Screenshot Using Lightshot (Software).

The use of this software is very simple. Just download and install it. After it’s installation when you Press “PrntScr” on your keyword, this software start working. Select your required section which you want to save and click on save icon or simply press “Ctrl + S”. Then the new popup window shows select destination place where you want to save your picture file and save it. For practical example watch this simple window.

Download Lightshot

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