How To Subtract in Excel (With Screenshot Tutorial)

  • March 12, 2019
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How To Subtract in Microsft Excel

How To Subtract in Excel

How Can We Subtract in Excel With Formula?

Microsoft is one of my best software for design graphs and automatic calculations. All calculations we perform with the simple formulas. In this article, you can learn about the simple formula of subtraction in excel. Before start some common information you need to know about Excel Formulas.

  • Excel Formula Always Start With “=” Sign.
  • Then Put Number of cells.
  • Between Number of cell formula sign required.
Subraction Formula in Excel

Subtraction Formula in Excel


Using Microsoft Excel we have no limited option to use a single formula. Same this subtraction formula I can apply in different formats.

Extract in MS Excel

Extract in MS Excel


Google Docs is very helpful as a online document software. Here is the list of some helpful tips of Google Docs.

Hanging indent in Google Docs.

How to Change Margin in Google Docs.

Remeber one important thing here. This formula you can use only when you don’t need to change value again. Otherwise, your changing value cell cannot be calculated automatically.

For example after applying this formula (=B5-750) if I change the value of C5 tab then the applied answer value cannot be changed automatically.

But if you apply this formula (=B5-C5) then after if you change the value of C5 tab your answer value automatically changed.

Hope this Microsoft Excel subtraction formula is helpful for you. For any question about it feel free comment… Sharing is Caring.

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