Remember This Things Before Creating Facebook Account.

  • December 22, 2018
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How To Secure Facebook Account

Facebook is one of the most popular and user friendly site in social media. Now at this time Facebook have 2.27 Billion monthly active users. But day by day Facebook make it’s privacy more strong and blocked new users account instantly and asked for verification.

This is also important because Facebook don’t want spam accounts in his database directory. Here i am gonna show you how can  secure Facebook account from blocking. Now in 2019 before creating account in Facebook you must remember some steps. It can helpful for you to protect your Facebook account from blocking in future.

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  1. Use ID Card name and DOB in Profile during account creation: This is most important because i observed when someone create new account in Facebook and after some sharing or page likes Facebook asked you verification. And in verification you need to send your Government Issue ID Card with clear name and DOB (Date of birth). So it is most important.
  2. Input details about your location:  Add your location where you live. It is important because when you add some friends in your friend list then Facebook understand it and cannot blocked your account temporarily for verification.
  3. Input more details during creation if possible: it’s shows that your account is real and if you follow it you don’t need to verify your identity. In starting you can add 10-15 friends, like 3-4 Pages and send 2-3 invitations in group daily. After when Facebook id is old then you can add and invite as much as you need.

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I hope this information is helpful for you because social media is very important and it makes life more easy and fast. If you face any problem about Facebook you can asked me about it in comments. Thanks for your time.

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