How To Simply Search in Google Sheets

  • April 17, 2019
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How to search in google docs spreadsheets

How to search in google docs spreadsheets

How To Search in Google Sheets.

This is very short, simple and one step guideline. Find anything in google sheets is very easy. But before starting “How to search in google sheets” I would like to give you some difference between finding and replacement. Here I guide you about just finding words and texts. But if you want to know how to find and replace all words at once according to your requirement. Then this post is for you.

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Just follow me what I do in screenshots and you will easily know how can we find anything in google sheets.

Open Google Sheets and Press (Ctrl + F). Then a new small find tab appears in the upper side. You can write the text you want to search in your documents.

Shortcut (Ctrl + F)
searching text in google sheets

searching text in google sheets

This is my personal document of keyword research. In red highlight, the box is a finding box and when I search “google” on it it shows there are 32 words like this in my this document. Use “^” for finding next word like this.

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