How To Message Someone On YouTube (With Screenshots)

  • May 7, 2019
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How to message someone on YouTube

How to message someone on YouTube

How To Message Someone on YouTube.

The private message is a great way to communicate with your subscribers or your favorite YouTubers personally. The problem is mostly Youtube users think that they can only communicate using comments only. But is wrong because YouTube provides us facility to send a private message. In this helpful youtube article, I can complete these things.

  • How to check YouTube messages.
  • How to send a private message on YouTube.

After complete reading, You can check inbox if someone sends a message you on YouTube. The second thing is how can you send messages on your favorite YouTubers. I am sure you like my research about how much money actually YouTubers earn. With proof, I can publish this article I hope you enjoy it. Now let’s start and make possible of private youtube inbox.

How To Send A Message on YouTube.

Go to and youtube main page open on your desktop browser. Then go to the channel where you want to send a private message. When I open youtube I already sign in. If you are not signed in into your youtube or google account. First, sign in and then open any channel on YouTube.

Send Message on YouTube

Send Message on YouTube

Just, for example, I want to send a message on GFXMentor (Famous Channel For Learning About Graphics). So simply I click on GFXMentor and open it. Then click on about section and here you find the option of “For Business Inquiries”.

Contact any Youtuber via Email

Contact any YouTuber via Email

Fill cache you are not a robot. Click on Submit.

Email Address on any YouTuber

Email Address on any YouTuber

After completing this Cache verification. Email Address appears on your screen. Same like this when I submit this cache.

Send message on YouTube

Send a message on YouTube

Why We Cannot Send Direct Message on YouTube.

In the last picture, you will see a flag. Beside this flag private message send option available before. But now YouTube developer team decide to delete this button because a huge number of users cannot use it.  The given screenshot I can capture from google report.

Send Private Message on YouTube is Disable

Send Private Message on YouTube is Disable

Hope you enjoy this information about sending messages on YouTube via email address. For any kind of information about any topic and tips feel free to send us message or comment. We monitor your updates and reply to your comment as soon as possible for us.

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