How To Make Money Online in 2019

  • January 2, 2019
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Make Money Online

You try to make money online but you cannot got success? Don’t worry now you are in right place. Here you can find out these things.

How to make money online without paying anything.

How to make money online with social media.

Freelancing is good for you?

What about Affiliate Marketing and How can start it.

How to Receive Payments Online.

How To Start A Blog For Free And Make Money.

Before starting, one thing make sure there is no shortcut of make money online. But you can start your career step by step and after a very short period of time you can receive results. It’s depends you, how much you serious about it. In internet you can find out lot of articles about making money. Everyone is based only one specific topic but here i can provide you all earning ways lists and guidelines. I’m sure, after read this article you can find your directions about your online career and start planning to achieve your goals.

How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything.

Ways To Make Money Online

First i tell you all the free and best ways in details. You can follow it and start to your career today. In free method you need hard work and patience.

How To Start A Blog For Free.

For online identity blogging is best favorite option. You can easy make a personal blog and published your ideas and tips on it. With proper white hat SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) you can easily receive organic traffic. Once organic traffic is received so with affiliate marketing and Adsense you can easily make $1000-$1500 per month.

Blogspot ( From Google

Blogger is a free platform for blogging. Here you can start blog with blogspot domain. One thing is most important about it. This is google program so with good SEO blog ranking is very easy in google search engine. You can make more 100-500 blogs with 1 google account.

How To Create A Blog On Blogger Step By Step For Beginners.

Blogger is one of the best platform for blogger who want to start a blog without investment. Believe me here if you know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) then blogger is better than WordPress and Wix. For a blog on blogger go to


Click to Sign in or Create Your Blog put your google Email and Password and simple login in blogger platform.

After this you can seen this form.

Create a Blog on Blogger

  • Title: In title you can write your Blog name.
  • Address: In Address section you can write your blog URL. One thing make sure title and URL is same. After written URL Address check availability if it’s available you can make it otherwise you need to change.
  • Theme: After Title and URL Address select any theme you want and click in “Create blog!“.

This is Blogger Dashboard

When you create a blog this dashboard appear in your laptop screen.

  1.  When you click in Create a Post a new window is appear where you can write what you want.
  2. Menu Details Here:
  • Posts: In post section you can seen all your published posts.
  • Stats: In stats you can analyse who visit your posts, how much views you can set, mostly which country users visit in your blog, and what keywords people can search in google for seen your articles in different search engine.
  • Comments: In comment section user can view all the comment and people opinion about your articles and posts.
  • Earnings: After when your blog reached good organic traffic then here you can attached Google Adsense for Ads placement in your blog. When someone click in ad you can earn money.
  • Pages: Pages is different than post. Users can make contact us, privacy policy pages and put the link in blog menu. In the Page section user can seen views and edit pages when required.
  • Layout: Layout is arrangement of blog. Means where you want to set post section, side bar widgets, header, menu, in screen.
  • Theme: During blog creation only theme show which can create from google. But in internet a lot of beautiful themes free available. For add custom theme use this section.
  • Setting: In setting section user can define: Blog Description, Setup third party URL, Add Blog Authors, How much posts show in home page, Manage Comments, Setting sharing Option, Email Setting, Language And Formatting, Search Preferences, Manage Blog Videos, Users Setting.

Other Blogging Platforms:

Wix: is also a free platform for blogging. Users can easily make blog with better designs. But one thing is i don’t like about wix is something i feel it’s working slow. So that’s why i prefer Blogger for free platform in blogging purpose and Wix in second option.

WordPress: First the most important thing i tell you about WordPress it is not a free platform. But you can use it free version with WordPress domain. but i think it is not good because in free version you have very limited features without it’s full features you cannot get SEO and rank your site. But at this time WordPress is only one platform for professional bloggers. But don’t worry, if you have domain and hosting you can easily install WordPress on it. In internet market there is lot of sites who provides you domain and hosting in very cheap prices. Most important sites is: Godaddy and Namecheap. We prefer if you are beginner and you don’t know about blogging then blogger is best for you. After when you have experience in blogging you can migrate in WordPress as a professional Blogger.

 How To Make Money Online With Social Media.

In social media we can make money more easily. With simple sharing and tags every one can easily generate lot of followers in different social networking sites. After we can use these followers for generate revenue. For this purpose I already published article about social media. Here you know how to make money with social media, use of affiliates, promote of content and promotions and lot of tips.

Make Money With Social Media

Choose Freelancing For Earning.

If you have skills and you know how to communicate with clients and gain projects or orders then making money with freelancing is best for you. Here any kind of skills you can use for generate revenue. We recommend if you don’t have any skill and you interested to make money with freelancer. Here is some best places where you can free learn about skills and it’s use.

  • For Graphics And Video Editing Use GFX Mentor.

GFX Mentor is one of my best channel in YouTube for learning Graphics. This is Urdu and Hindi language channel but also best for everyone because it’s Mentor way of communication is awesome.

Also lot of channels is available in YouTube and other sites of find out best learning skills with explanations.

Top 3 Sites For Freelancing.


At this time In Freelancing world, there is no alternative like Fiverr. Fiverr is best for beginners. Here you can easily start Freelancing career with lot of opportunities. In Fiverr users just need to published gigs and buyers can find you with your gigs. Once your gig is rank then you have no idea about your orders. The minimum big is $5 and maximum as you want.

For publishers Fiverr launched a new affiliate program. Here you can gain commissions when someone signup with your link and do some work. But in my experience it is fake. If you want to know why Fiverr Affiliate Program is not good Click Here.

Fiverr issue 3 types of badges 🥇🥈🏅 for seller account. For starting seller account. In first stage have no badge after 10 successful orders you can get level 1 badge.

This is criteria of level 2 badge for your understanding.

similarly after this second badge finally top rated seller is the last badge.

Fiverr is best because once your gig is rank you can automatically receive orders without sending bids.


Upwork is best Freelancing place for professionals. Once you create account on Upwork you have 30 bids monthly. Receiving orders is depends on your communication.


Unlimited work available in . But this is not free. You need have only 8 bids monthly in free plan. For more bids buy another paid professional plans.

Hope this information is helpful for you, let we know about your valuable comments in comment section.