How To Make Google Docs Landscape Within 2 Steps

  • February 7, 2019
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How To Make Google Docs Landscape

How To Make Google Docs Landscape With Screenshots.

Some beginners face this problem when they start to use Google Docs online. They don’t know how to change page layout portrait to landscape. That’s why I am sharing these simple steps of “how to make google docs landscape” and you are here for reading. This is very simple and I complete it with 2 simple steps.

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Step1: Go To Google Docs And Select Page Setup.

Open Google Docs and in file option select page setup same like this. Follow all these simple steps very carefully.

How To Make Google Docs Landscape

After when you select page setup then a new popup window show. Same like this…

Step 2: Change Google Docs Page Layout

Here is a popup window. In orientation select Landscape option and your google docs, the view changes Portrait to Landscape. if you changed all the setting in this popup window like Orientation, Paper size, Margins, and Page color. Simply click on Set as default and all the setting is reset.

How To Make Google Docs Landscape

In this popup window Page Size option available. Use this option, when a user wants to change the page size. In Page color select page color according to your requirements.

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