How To Easily Download All Emails From Gmail (Screenshots)

  • April 24, 2019
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How To Download Gmail Emails

How To Download Gmail Emails

How To Download Gmail Emails.

Data backup is very important for everyone especially emails. Because most of our deals, transaction records, proof of documents, and further details we perform with emails. I will guide you about “how to download all emails from Gmail” with screenshots. Google updates Gmail and now we have a lot of features and shortcuts. For know about these tricks “Click Here“. But if you export all emails just because you send some emails in the archive and don’t know how to find archive emails. Then read this article I am sure your finding archive problems are solved after a visit on it.

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How To Download Gmail Emails To PC / Computer.

I suggested you download/export all your Gmail emails and save it on your computer or any online storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, Mega, and Onedrive. The first step is to log in your Gmail account.

And in the upper side right corner, you find “Google Account” option. Otherwise, visit this direct link.


This link only shows your google account setting if you login into your Google account on your browser.

Click Data & Personalization” . Scroll down your page and you will be seen “download your data” option.

Download Gmail emails

Download Gmail emails

When you click on it, you need to create a new archive (File) for downloading. Deselect all the option because we only email to download emails. Select the Mail option and click on “Next Step“.

For downloading emails select Gmail

For downloading emails select Gmail

Now the downloading process is turned into the second section. Here you select the option of how you want to download your emails (delivery).

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  • Delivery method:

I selected send me a download link via email. When you click on it you will be seen other option like (Add to Drive, Add to Onedrive, Add to Box and Add to Dropbox). Select your favorite once.

Select a One-time archive option for export Gmail emails only one time.

Select file type (.ZIP). This is the best and secure option.

Click on “Create Archive“.

export email records

export email records

Now in the third and final section, your file is preparing. Once it’s ready you will receive a download link via email.

Final Step of downloading Gmail emails

Final Step of downloading Gmail emails

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