How To Draw in Microsoft Word (With 2 Clicks & Screenshots)

  • April 30, 2019
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How To Draw in Microsoft Word 2019

How To Draw in Microsoft Word

How To Draw on Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Office is a useful and affordable tool for office use. How to draw in Word is very easy and simple by following these given steps. One thing understands you can draw on Microsoft Word in the old and latest version in the same method. So don’t worry what version of Word (2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019) you are using. We are using drawing portion for the addition of lines and other shapes in Word. In shapes portion many shapes are predefined. For sketching or drawing, we use scribble shape. This is only on shapes tool in Word for freehand drawing.

How To Draw on a Word Document.

Using scribble tool we have complete access to drawing in freehand using mouse or laptop touchpad. But it is very difficult. The best way is to create outstanding designs using adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop, and Microsoft Paint. First, create a design according to your documents requirements and then import it in your Microsoft Word document. But you don’t want to use other software and your drawing is very basic then you can create in without leaving Microsoft Word. How can it be possible?

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Here is this article I will tell you how can it be possible and how to draw on Word documents. Let’s start drawing in Word.

  1. Open Microsoft Word (Any Version).
  2. In the menu select Insert > Shapes and click on scribbling tool.

Same follow how I select scribble tool in the screenshot.

drawing in word

drawing in word

Using this freehand tool drawing on Word is very difficult as I told you before about it at the start of this article. For example, when I select this tool and draw something so after when I realize my mouse scribble is deselected. So, I need to select again and again this is irritating for me. But for very basic designs, I think it is ok. I make a random design. You can move and resize this drawing like an image.

Scribble tool in word

Scribble tool in word

I am sure in the first time you cannot make a perfect design with scribble tool. Click on Format section when your object is selected. Click on edit shape and easily edit your same with the help of nodes. I try to explain this editing phase in a single image and I expect you understand my point easily.

edit shapes in word

edit shapes in word

I am interested to know by using this tool you can make your designs perfect? Feel free share your experience with me in the comment section. Want to know something more also told me. Share drawing example in social media. See you in the next article.

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