How To Create a Poll on Facebook (Step-By-Step Pictures)

  • May 12, 2019
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How to create a poll on Facebook

How to create a poll on Facebook

Facebook was launched in 2004 with the name of “The Facebook“. We are living in the age of information technology and technology changed every second. So time by time Facebook updates his overall website design and add new features. In 2017 Finally, Facebook decides and add a Facebook poll feature for his user.

Every Decision we take depends on opinion. Good ones or Bad ones.

Facebook poll system consider worlds number one social media poll system which solves a lot of problems and decision.  In this article (How to create a poll on Facebook) we will cover these things.

Do you add more than two options in Facebook Poll?

How to create a poll on the Facebook timeline/ Facebook group/ and Facebook Business Page.

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How To Create A Poll on Facebook.

Create polls on Facebook is free and simple. You will gain your friends and your follower opinions with just setting a simple poll. How can we set up a simple poll on Facebook and which option we have during the creation of a good poll on Facebook?

We study at an advanced level and discuss some problems and FAQ (Users Questions). Actually, during research for the Facebook poll option, I visit more than 30 websites to provide you complete and better content. I am hopeful after reading this post on (HMANCH) your all the concepts are clear.

How To Create A Poll on Facebook Group.

Making a poll on the Facebook group using on mobile version and the desktop version procedure is the same. I am using Facebook on the desktop. Don’t worry if you are using Facebook on mobile.

Login into your Facebook account and go any joined group. For example, I want to set a poll in “Blogger Funda Facebook Group“. This is the best group for information about blogging tips and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on Facebook. Simple I open this group. Because I am a member of this group so the post option (timeline) shown on the main page. Click on “Write something” in the timeline of the group and click on the poll.

Create poll in Facebook group

How to create a poll on Facebook

For example, I want to know “Which one SEO is more important”. On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO or Both. Many SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts exist in this group and I am hopeful I will get perfect information about experts opinion. That’s why I select this Facebook Group. In the given picture you can check how can I create a perfect poll on a Facebook group.

Example of Facebook Poll

Example of Facebook Poll

After publishing or click on the post button my poll is live and Facebook users which are the member of the same group are able to select options and give feedback.

Facebook poll in group

how to create a poll in the Facebook group

When someone clicks on an option I mentioned in the poll. It can count and at the end, results are shown in the percentage. Percentage % determine which option is mostly selected. Now check another poll results of Blogger Funda Facebook group.

Facebook poll results

Successful Facebook poll results

We expect now you better understand how can poll work on a Facebook group. Believe me, its response is awesome if you can publish it in the most popular group means which have a huge number of audience.

How To Create A Poll on Facebook Business Page.

Create a poll on a Facebook business page is same as we create a poll on the Facebook group. So you think what is the change between us. Change is simple in the group we need to go first Facebook group and then set a poll using post timeline. Same on the page we need to go first Facebook page.

You can create a poll on a Facebook group only when you are the admin, editor, and marketer. But if you have not accessed of any these authorities then you are not able to post or set a poll on the Facebook page.

I hope you understand it. So now we create a poll on the Facebook business page. I am using my own Facebook official page of HMANCH.COM.

Open Facebook page where you want to set a poll. Click on “Write a post” and set a poll by the selection of this poll option.

Set poll on Facebook Business Page

How to create a poll on the Facebook business page

The further procedure is simple same I showed in my this article. I clear these two main sections of creation of a poll on a Facebook group and Facebook business page.

Why we cannot create a Poll on Profile Timeline?

In 2017 when Facebook officially launched a poll feature the Facebook users are able to set poll on profile timeline. But now Facebook disables profile poll creation option. Now we can create a poll on Facebook business pages and Facebook groups only.

For your better understanding, I can show you poll option is not available in profile timeline.

create a poll on Facebook timeline

create a poll on Facebook timeline

You can check the poll option are not available in profile timeline. So it means we are not able to set poll in profile.

How To Add More Options To Facebook Poll.

We can easily add more options in a Facebook poll. During set up of Facebook poll if you want to add more option simply click on + Add Option and a new option tab automatically add on your poll. Add as much as you want and create an awesome poll which gives us accurate feedback from users. If you add more option and want to remove extra options. Simply click on Cross (X) and your extra option automatically deleted. So every time you have the facility to add options according to your requirements.

add more option in Facebook poll

How to add more options in a Facebook poll

If you think this information is helpful for you. Share it with your friends on social media. Let me know is comments about your poll feedback results. Thanks for your time and reading I am waiting for your feedback about it.


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