How To Create SEO Friendly Fiverr GIG With Screen Shots

  • January 29, 2019
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How to create your first gig on fiverr

How To Create SEO Friendly Fiverr GIG With Screen Shots

How To Create Your First Gig On Fiverr.

Creation a professional and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly GIG is very easy but not simple. When I need to create a new GIG I must do some keyword research, market research, and follow my competitors. Even you need to rank a website or a GIG good keywords research is most important for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

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Follow Your Interest, Passion, And Skills.


Skill, Passion, and Interest is the most important part of Freelancing. Without these both things, Freelancing is impossible to do. No matter if you are a Graphic Designer, Video Animator, Editor, Marketer and Content writer…etc

You can easily do your work if your skill level is professional. So it is more important to follow your interest and work hard to build your professional image.

Research About Keywords And Create Title.

Keyword research is nothing more than common sense. Especially in Fiverr SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is very simple and easy. Follow my these steps very carefully.

Select your category and read all the first page results. Cope and paste all the titles on first page GIGS in MS Excel or Google Sheets. After matching the same words and highlight it. This is necessary to create an SEO friendly title of your GIG. Same like this…

Keyword Research on Fiverr

Note all these Gig titles in Excel and generate a new Title better than others. How can you do this check this excel work…

keyword research in excel for fiverr gig

keyword research in excel for fiverr gig

Note: Must use these common words on your Gig title. Also, research about these Gigs description and make your Gig description better than others.

Write Description And Set Price.

Read the description of top GIGS related to your category. Then you better understand about it and able to create an attractive description. One thing make sure description shows your work experience and politeness.

Same follow the same way to set a price of your GIG/Products. The important thing is don’t set price too low or too high. The reason is, low price tells the customers you have no experience about your work. And higher price tells the customers another GIG price is affordable than your GIG. So select an average price.

Copy Your Competitors #Tags.

Yes, I am right for better ranking you need to copy your first page competitors relevant tags. Search your keyword on Fiverr and open any first-page Gig which has more orders. After when Gig is open Scroll Down your page and you saw your competitors Tags. Same like this…

Copy your Competitors Tags during Gig creation

Copy your Competitors Tags

Design Professional GIG Profile Picture.

Create Professional Design For Your Gig

This step shows professionalism and experience of your skills. Create an eye cache design hundred times better than others. Because during impressions (when your GIG shows ok search result) most of the times customers click on GIG (Picture) without reading the title. So I expect you do this step with full patience.

Setup Your Portfolio.

Must add 5-10 pictures, 1 PDF File and at least one video of your past work. Sometimes users have pictures but don’t have a pdf file and video. It is important to create or collect these files in the time of GIG creation. Without Portfolio visitors think you don’t have any kind of past experience so they cannot judge your skill level.

Click On Publish.

This is the final step. After putting all the details popup window open with “Publish” button. Click on it and your GIG is live.

Share Your GIG With Different Social Media Platforms.

After when your Gig successfully creates and published then Fiverr offer you to share your Gig with your working social media account for promotion. This type of promotion is good because it helps you to create your new clients in Fiverr.

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