How Can Google Contacts Save Mobile Numbers.

  • December 7, 2018
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Google Contacts is best and trusted place where you can easily save your contacts and sync it in different devices like iPhone & Android. It’s also provide facility to operate it by using Desktop/PC (Personal Computer).

You can import your sim contacts and export it in Google Contacts and save it for lifetime.

How to Check iPhone Contacts are Save in Google Contacts.

For this purpose, Follow these steps:

Sign in your Google Account in iPhone > Go to setting > select Passwords & Accounts > in Accounts tab select Gmail > make sure you enable Contact option.

After it your all future contacts is automatically save in Google Contacts.

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How to Check Mobile Contacts are Save in Google Contacts?

Mostly Android Users face this problem , because in iPhone if you cannot setting mobile numbers in google contacts then it can automatically save in icloud. But in android if you cannot setting google contact then it can automatically save your mobile numbers in SIM data. But in some new android devices show an option where you want to save these contacts.

  • SIM
  • Mobile Device
  • In Email Address

So i mostly recommend you always use Google contacts to save your contacts. Because if your mobile is broken or Stolen then your all contacts are save in google and you can restore it when you want with just one click.

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