Fiverr Affiliate Program Review (Good or Bad)?

  • December 26, 2018
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What About Fiverr Affiliate Program?


Fiverr Affiliate

Fiverr Affiliate Program Review

Fiverr is one of the best Marketplace where you can find quality work at very low cost. Here we can talk about Fiverr affiliate program. I will share you all my experience to advertise Fiverr affiliates or not.

It’s right Fiverr is a giant and authentic marketplace for freelancers and buyers. But I recommend you don’t waste your time in Fiverr affiliates because it’s useless now.

I have a strong reason for it. Look if someone wants to start a career as a freelancer they select Fiverr because it is best for the starter. And just imagine you need a freelancer or any person who have your required skills and your budget is very low so simply you can go on Fiverr.

You think about why Fiverr need to launch Fiverr affiliates program even every second person know about it.

I read somewhere, Fiverr charge 20% fees of using his services and 10% use in advertising. Fiverr also do advertise yourself so it’s very hard to find new users who interested to work on Fiverr. Because if someone wants to work on it they already make an account and start his career.

Reason Why Fiverr Affiliate Program Cannot Work?

Fiverr can advertise in social media and other platforms where have facilities to put ads. But they cannot put ads on someone other sites without his permission. That’s why they launch Fiverr affiliates and want someone other advertiser advertising his products or services with his own quality traffic.

So it’s simple if someone has quality traffic they can use it and got some commissions on it and others not. So my suggestion is don’t use this program because you don’t have a targeted audience. All targeted audience already use his services so how can you get new users who use his services.


How Can Earn With Fiverr Affiliate Program?

If you still interested to earn and use Fiverr Affiliate Program then First remember these things.

You must have contact traffic. Means to say you teach people how to earn money online with skills and you also teach how can Fiverr helpful for you in online earning. In this way, you can train new users and then with your affiliate link you can generate new freelancers in Fiverr and earn revenue.

You can agree with me or not it depends on you because it’s my personal opinion about it. Let me know what you say and think about it in comments.

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