How To Easily Find Low Competition Keywords For Better Ranking

  • January 21, 2019
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Find Low Competition Keywords For High Traffic

According to my experience low competition keywords is best for better SEO “Search Engine Optimization” for your website. Last year, when I am working, is my another site I cannot research keywords competition and search engine optimization. So that’s why organic traffic on my website is ZERO. Now I launched my new website HMANCH with understanding all the factors of SEO.

Howtodoispossible is host on blogger but hmanch is host on WordPress. Do you know which one platform is best for beginners?

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How Can Low Competition is Best For Organic Traffic?

Before know how can we rank our website or blog with low competition keywords. It is important to know the role of Low Difficulty/Competition keywords on search engine optimization. I tell you the secret of ranking. Use low competition keywords and only focus on it if your website is new. When your website articles are indexed on the google search. Then slowly you receive organic traffic after some impressions on the search result.

Difference Between Low Competition Keywords and High Competition Keywords.

Here one this most important for understanding, Keyword Competition cannot depend on Organic Searches. It depends on advertisers bids. Generally, if the keywords have high competition then in most of the cases advertisers biding more high to reach the top position on search. That’s why we think the number of searches depends on competition. But biding of advertising or number of advertisers depends on the competition of keyword. Hope it is ok for your understanding about low or high competition keywords concept.

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How Do I Find Low Competition Keywords?

After other general information now we can talk about the process of finding low competition keywords. One thing makes sure using Keyword Planner you can find only keywords but cannot find low competition keywords. I also seen some beginners then try to find low competition keywords manually. This is not an authentic way to find low competition keywords.

I am using ahrefs and semrush for finding low competition keywords. All the process I can divide in three simple steps. Here it is…..

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Step 1: Find your Competitors.

This is a very simple step. You need to find your competitors. For this purpose search in google any related keywords according to your website niche. After then copy the URL of in search records. That’s it.

For Example: My targeted keyword is “Canva Alternatives” So my competitors is…

How to find low competition keyword competitors

Step 2: Extract Websites Keyword Records with Difficulty.

Go to ahrefs and semrush for extract records. This is not free tools. But this is the best tools for this purpose. Here you just put URL in site explorer and then you see all the records include keywords. Simply select the export option and download it in excel format or in google sheets.

If someone other has these tools you simply asked him to extract records from your competitor’s websites. But if no one other use these tools asked me in the comment section I will extract for you.

How To Use Semrush For Finding Low Competition Keywords.

Go to semrush and enter your competitor website URL for organic keyword extraction.

this is part 1 of semrush guidance

Semrush competitor data extract guidance

Scroll down your page and in “Top Organic Keywords” tab click on view full report.

best keyword tool

data extraction guidance on semrush

After you can see this leads with KD (Keyword difficulty) click on export and download records in excel.

This is your required data on semrush

How To Use Ahrefs For Finding Low Competition Keywords.

Go to ahrefs and insert your competitor site. Here also all the procedure is the same.

Click on the Export button and then simply download.

How to find low competition keywords using ahrefs

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Step 3: Filter Records in Excel.

Do you know how to use excel? If yes then you can do this step by yourself. But if you don’t know about it. Don’t worry 😉 I will guide you.

When all the data you can download then open it in excel and now start filtration. This process is very simple.

Select The Keyword Difficulty Colum  

Excel Use

And Then Click on Data Menu and Select Filter Option.

Excel Data Filter Option

Then Finally Select Smallest to largest.

Smallest to Biggest Value

If you feel any difficulty in finding low competition keywords then feel free asked me in comments. We will solve it as soon as possible.

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