10+ Major (50+ Minor) Ways to Earn Money in Pakistan (NO AGE LIMIT).

  • March 26, 2019
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10 ways of earning in Pakistan

How To Earn Money Online in Pakistan.

Anonymous rich writers say the awesome secret of success in these words and my suggestion these writers are right.

You can make rich only when you start earning while sleeping“.

If you understand this simple line I am sure you know the importance of making money online. I am 101% sure, if you want to do something in your life with full of determination, hope, and spirit you can achieve it. Earn money online or offline is not as simple as you think or expect, but it is not impossible. So don’t worry about your past experience and work because you are now in the right place. After a lot of research on the internet including my personal 5 years plus experience here, you will know “How to make money online in Pakistan“.

Ups and downs are a part of life we can understand it. But especially in Pakistan because of it’s economic, we cannot depend only a single job income or business. Because when it’s working it’s great but when it’s not working we suddenly start to find another job and at this situation, we don’t have time and patience to learn and study about new business. So our new starting business flopped and we think we cannot make a profit on it. It is common and in the start, I also face that kind of situations. Now time is changed because we are in the 21 century and technology change in every single second. It is very important for you to know that this is the right time for you to start a part-time business and add a handsome income to your monthly salary.

Before the start, I think it is necessary to mention this part why I need to establish this website and why you need to learn on it. Pakistani Labour considers the cheapest labor in this global village (world). India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, and some other countries are also included in this list. So focus on learning and start your own business because this is the right time.

What is the requirements or skills you need to start a business and make money online?

  • Most people hurry and want to achieve their goals very fast. But think to understand here a lot of patience is required. Sometimes it’s work fast and sometimes you need a lot of patience. But in the end, everyone starts earning if they are sincere in the field and work hard for it.
  • “How to operate and run Computer”, “How to use the internet” is required. Because without it you face a lot of problems. So first learn about it and then you start any kind of work online more easily compare than a non-professional person.
  • Continuously hard work is required. Without hard work, you cannot make n average of earning and can’t increase it.
  • English is an international language. Without English, you can’t communicate and understand deals with clients. So at least a basic level of English is required just for understanding and communication.
  • Make strategy and plans and target your goals with full effort and determination.
  • Research and learn first, then jump on any business so the risk percentage is decrease and chances of success automatically increase.


Make money with blogging in Pakistan

I add blogging in number one on my this list. Because this in a secure way to start a career with monthly income. Otherways is also awesome but in blogging, you feel more secure than any other business. Everything in your own hands like Domains, Hosting, and Monetization. So no on stop you in this field. But blogging is not as simple as we compare it’s working in 2013. At this time there are more than 2 Billion blogs so according to this calculation 1 blog for every 7 peoples in this earth. But it is not means you cannot run you and work on it. You just simply need to know something about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In our website (HMANCH.COM) you can find out each and everything about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO means gain traffic using search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, ASK …etc).

I think here you need to know simple something about this. Google has more than 200 factories to determine the ranking of a single website. The most important factory is “Keyword Research”. In keyword research, I think out these articles complete guide you and helpful for you. So read it and clear your concepts about keyword researchHow to find low competition keywords which give you high traffic“.

Technology is very advanced these days. So a lot of websites provide you the facility to create a free blog. These websites are Blogger (Google Platform), WordPress, Wix, and Medium. All of these websites working is excellent. But I recommend you, Blogger, first if you are a beginner and want to start blogging with a free platform. We count WordPress is on the second number because it is paid. Using blogger you can publish your new blog within 5 minutes with blogspot.com domain. Making a blog on WordPress is also now not as hard as you think. Everything we can perform with a single click. Now you confuse which one platform is right for you blogger or WordPress. For your ease, we solve this problem and make an informative post between blogger vs WordPress. After reading it you easily decide the best platform for your blogging.

In WordPress for published a self-hosted website, you need to buy Domains and Hosting. These websites are best, famous, cheap with an excellent support team to provide you Domains and Hosting is Bluehost, Namecheap, and Godaddy. Want more guidelines, reviews, and comparisons about best-hosting provider on the internet. Read this helpful article for this purpose, “Top 5 Hosting Service Providers With Details“.

How to earn money from a blog: how can we miss this section. This is the best part of blogging when you monetized your blog and start to earn revenue. Google Adsense, Media.net, Amazon associate program is top 3 blog monetization programs. Using this you can put ads on your blog and earn money. With the help of affiliate marketing, you can start earning without ads.

Read: 5 Ways to make money from Blog without Ads.

I hope now you understand the importance and the scope of blogging. Here are more articles if helpful for you to run a successful career in this line.


Make Money with Freelancing in Pakistan

Without skills, you cannot earn money in Freelancing. It is right and I know other experts say earning is possible without skills. But if you have skills and you are professional then you can consider your self to build a career if freelancing. Now the question is if you have no skills so what you need to do?

Simple you can learn any work (Skill) and then jump in freelancing work. Here is the list of best and trending skills ever. Graphics Designing (Illustrations, Vector Graphics, Photoshop), Video Animation (Graphics Motion, Cartoon Animation), Programming (HTML, CSS, JAVA), Marketing (Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing) and much more you can search on the internet. In Urdu and Hindi language, I recommend you GFX Mentor YouTube channel for Graphics Related Work. I think at this time GFX one of the best free platform for learning graphics.

Now we turn and talk about freelancing platforms. At this time, there is 3 top freelancing platforms Fiverr, Freelancer, and UpWork. I recommend you to use Fiverr as a beginner because in Fiverr it is very easy to hire a client and start the first project. Here is the list of Fiverr helpful tips we published for our readers in HMANCH.

After reading these articles you are able to start work on Fiverr. You think why I cannot talk about other platforms (Freelancer and Upwork). Once you established your work on Fiverr profile you can turn your self into Freelancer and Upwork.

Read: Upwork VS Fiverr? Which one is best for you.

Payment Method: in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh Payoneer is the best free program with MasterCard to send and receive payments. Otherwise, if you have a facility of Paypal it is the best alternative of Payoneer. If you interested in Freelancing and really want to start work you need a Payoneer account. Last day we published an updated article about Payoneer topic. In this post, you will know how can create an account on Payonner and Get Bonus on $25.


Online Making Money With Marketing

We can establish any business but cannot run without Marketing/Advertising. So we can marketing is the backbone of any business. In Pakistan or any country, you can simply earn about marketing and join small or huge companies as a digital marketer. If you think it is not easy for you to contact and work in huge industries don’t worry. In Pakistan Daraz.PK also provide you marketing option to promote his products and generate sales (Revenue). You can more research on the internet about this topic. Before leaving the marketing section for your mind mapping I give you a way. Ali Baba, Ali Express, Amazon, eBay, and other website have affiliate marketing option. With the help of digital marketing using Facebook, you can run ads and generate sales. If you don’t know how can run on Facebook simply click on this link and you will know each and everything about Facebook advertising.

Read: How to run ads on Facebook with screenshots.

Maxbounty is also the best option and top-rated platform for digital markers. When you read our Facebook advertising article then you know about boosting of post on Facebook. So you can easily run ads and generate sales or complete leads. But in maxbounty, it is not easy to create an account with approval. For this problem, the solution is also available on HMANCH. Read it and know “How to create an account in Maxbounty with approval“. Don’t worry we understand your need if you face any problem in marketing simply contact me in “Contact us” section otherwise write a comment in the comment section. So we will read and give you advice ASAP.

Selling Photos & Designs.


Make Money with Selling Pictures Online

Most of peoples don’t know about this way of earning. Every second person has a hobby of photography, Marking Designs, and Wallpapers. If you have a DSLR Camera and you little know about photography of natural points like a professional. So you can join these websites Shutterstock and iStockphoto. Simply create an account of these websites and upload your collection. When someone likes it and want to use it they can buy it. I am sure, at the end of the month, you can easily withdraw handsome on your account.

Data Entry Work.

In data entry work the best benefit is no skills required. So it means everyone can do it. Simple wording is data entry work is for everyone no age limit required. Next questions are how can we find work. Fiverr and other freelancing platforms is useful to find work. But I recommend you to join working groups on Facebook and find it. During surfing on Facebook I find a work-related post of data entry. So I think I need to share it with you for your better understanding. Because someone saying no work available on Facebook.

Make Money With Typing in Pakistan

Make Money With Typing in Pakistan

Flippa (Buy & Sell Websites)

Make money online with flippa in Pakistan

At this flippa is a top-rated platform for buying and selling websites & domains. Yes, If you want to buy an established website for your career you can buy on Flippa. Similarly, you can also sell out your website on this platform. Domain trading also available. Just go on flippa and put your website. Other buyers bit on it and you can sell your website at a maximum price as much as possible. So don’t waste your time if you want to run an established business feel free to visit it.


Affiliate Marketing

Social media and technology make marketing more easy and simple. Join Maxbounty, Clickbank, and CPA Leads to start working on commission. You can use social media sites (Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit) for promotion. Once you know how to generate sales this field is a toy for you. Email marketing, Social media marketing, Content Marketing, and Video Marketing are an example of Digital Marketing. This field scope increases day by day. So make an account now and start working without wasting your time.

Content Writing

Your English is well and you still have no work. This is not fare. Do you know on the Internet a lot of websites provides you option to write articles for us and make payments? Your payments depend on your working. Medium.com is a best-paying website for writers. Visit on these websites and join it. Otherwise, on the Internet, you can search and find out more sites like that. Cash your skill or talent and easily make money online.


YouTube best online earning way

YouTube best online earning way

YouTube is the number 1 video marketing website. But it is not just for entertainment in this period. This is the best way to start a career as a famous YouTuber. In the start, you need to learn about something Video recording and Editing. During publishing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is required. You can learn SEO on our this website (HMANCH.COM). But avoid using copyright © content. In this case, your channel is automatically banned permanently. So work hard and do real work like something creativities. For your motivation, I think you need to about “How much money does make a single YouTuber“. Now if you adopt this profession after motivation because nothing is impossible. This article is helpful for you “How to Find YouTube Video Ideas“.

One thing more important is video editing software. Which one software is best for beginners. Camtasia is the best option for you. It is easily more than your expectations. In start maybe you cannot gain more video. But you need patience and regular work. Minimum upload twice videos per week or more depends on you. After 6-month I grantee you, you can start a very handsome amount in monthly income.

OLX (Free Service Ad).

Now you think, how can we earn money on OLX, because it is a platform where you can sell used products. I agree, but you know you can put a free ad of your providing services. For example, you are a plumber, technician, marketing adviser, any kind of services provider. So you can publish your ad. OLX response rate is very good so I’m sure you find clients using this network.

Don’t Forget to share this information with your friends maybe someone badly needs it. If you think or you know I miss any way of earning in this list feel free to comment and tell us about it. So we will add inside in our article.

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