Easy Fixes of Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application

  • June 15, 2019
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Error Fixed in Digital TV Tuner Registration

Error Fix in TV Tuner registration

Most peoples don’t know about digital tv tuner device registration application. I try my best to provide you complete information about what is tv tuner? and easy ways to fix errors of digital tv tuner device registration application. Because of digital tv tuner device registration application errors our computer working slow down. Majority of the peoples don’t know about it. So if you can erase this registration application on your computer by following these methods. Your computer speed improves and you can complete your task faster than before.

What is a TV Tuner?

Using a TV tuner card, our computer is able to show different TV stations on the computer screen. Basically, in TV tuner card have a port which enables us our computers to connect with coaxial cable. For better understand here is the picture of a digital TV tuner card.

What is a TV tuner card?

What is a TV tuner card

After setup this card on a computer you can watch both (basic & digital) TV stations on your PC screen. We can also able to record Tv shows for later watch. I think this is the best part of a digital tv tuner device registration application. Mostly famous blogger are using this method for recording content in the form of video.

For buying a TV tuner card the famous and affordable brand is Hauppauge. The starting price is $50 of the basic model. You can buy the best digital TV tuner card in just $26 by using this link.

Link: Get a USB based TV tuner card for PC with Remote.

What is Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application?

About digital TV tuner device registration, we can say this is a scheduled task and the part of windows media center. In simple wording, we can say this is the driver of the TV tuner card. ehPrivJob.exe. file run the process of digital tv tuner. We can run our PC fast by removing this .exe extension file.

Now let’s move and talk about errors solution of digital tv tuner device registration.

Turn off Windows Features:

This is the only solution for solving errors.

1: Go to control panel and click on programs.

error solution of digital tuner

error solution of the digital tuner

When a new window appears then click on turn on or off windows features. Same like this I am doing.

Now new smart popup windows appear on your screen. Scroll down and find media features click on the (+) sign. Then uncheck the windows media center same like you can be seen in the given screenshot.

windows TV tuner setting

Windows TV tuner setting

After this restart your computer and you will see how fast your computer run. Enjoy this information and share it with your friends on social media let me know if you have any problem about it in the comment section. Have a good day.



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