Check Word Count on Google Docs (Manually & Shortcut)

  • April 2, 2019
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Word count tool in Google Docs

Word count tool in Google Docs

How To Check Word Count on Google Docs (in just some clicks).

Google Docs is one of the best software for editing letter-base documents. It is a Google products same like other products like Google Drive, Gmail, Google Contacts and much more. In this website, you will know everything about Google Docs. This is the right place for you to know about updated tips and tricks. Before the start, this section before knowing something about what you learn on this website (HMANCH).

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  2. How to Strikethrough text in Google Docs.
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  4. Add Double Line Spacing (Google Docs).
  5. Landscape on Google Docs.

How To See Word Count on Google Docs.

In this platform, you will know each and every detail clearly. I complete this step within just 2 screenshots same like our other articles. The first simple open a Google Docs file and type your content. At the end when you want to count how much words you can write?

Follow these simple steps and easily count words, Pages, and characters. Check on Tools >> Select Word Count. For better understanding check this picture.

Google docs word count (HMANCH)

Google docs word count

Shortcut of count word in Google Docs is:


Popup window show with the details of Word count, and further details. Same I show you in this picture.

Word count in Google Docs

Word count in Google Docs

Now one thing is missing. By following this process we can check words and other details on the whole page. So how can we count specific paragraphs word?

How To Count Words in Google Docs on Specific Paragraph.

The procedure is similar like previous full page word count process. Now if you want to know how many words on your specific paragraph simply highlight the required paragraph.

Press (Ctrl + Shift + C) otherwise select Tools >> Click on Word Count. In this image, I can select the paragraph on Google Docs and apply word count option.

Google word count tool

Google word count tool

See results in Popup Window. It will appear after your press shortcut of word count (Ctrl + Shift + C).

word count

word count

The last question is occur the use of specific word count tool. 1000 word is OK for a blog post and 10,000 words is best for an Ebook. So with the help of this tool in Google docs, you can check it.

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