How To Solve Error When Files Cannot Download From Google Drive.

  • May 17, 2019
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How To Solve Download Error in Google Drive

How To Solve Download Error in Google Drive

According to the survey report of Google Drive. There are more than 2 trillion files available in the year of 2017. In 2018 Google Drive hit 1 billion users successfully. No doubt this is an awesome achievement. That’s why Google Drive is the best alternative to other cloud drives (MEGA, Dropbox and OneDrive).

Google Drive working is very smooth and easy. But the common problem users face is Google Drive files can’t download. Even permission (privacy) allows you to download files without any password or authority.

Here in this platform, we can discuss the reasons why Google drive shows an error during downloading files. How can we successfully download files from Google Drive?

Everything we can discuss Google Drive problems and share with the solution is a simple step with screenshots.

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Why Files Can’t Download From Google Drive (Reason).

Most experts say there is an error in file storage that’s why Google Drive is not able to download your files from storage. Maybe they are right but my experience is totally different. Our browser cache plays an important role in our browsing. During surfing on internet Google chrome and any other browsers save cache for better browsing experience. Just because of this cache Google Drive has shown an error when we click on the download button. So here we learn how can we remove this cache and able to download required files from Google Drive successfully.

Google Drive Error

Google Drive Error

Logout Into Your Google Account And Login Again.

This is the first easy solution. Because of cache downloading, an error occurs. So when we log out in Google account cache automatically erase in-browser data. Login again and you are able to download your required file in Google Drive.

Click on the image icon in Google drive and hit Sign out. The given screenshot guide you about “how to sign out in Google Account“.

logout in Google account

how to log out in Google account

Sign in again into your Google account and try to download again. I am sure now you can successfully download your document. If still faces the same problem turn into the next step.

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Need to Clear Browser Cookies and Caches.

In simple wording, clear cookies and caches tell your Google Drive everything is safe and error-free. So during scanning in Google drive before downloading everything is clear and your file starts downloading. Follow this step by step guideline (How to remove browser cookies and caches).

Go to menu and select history. Then click on clear browsing data. Otherwise press

Shortcut (Ctrl + H)

When you using the shortcut to the browser history you will go in the history page. Here select “clear browsing data“. At this time a new popup window appears on your screen. Press clear data.

Clear browser cookies and caches

How to Clear browser cookies and caches

When you hit this button your searching history, downloading history, cookies, and other site data, cached images, and files data are removed. You need to sing in again into your Google Account and start any file you want from Google Drive.

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Download Google Drive Error File as a Guest User.

This is also another and a good way to download Google Drive files. We can download our file as a guest user in 2 ways. First, we generate a shareable link of our file. Copy this link and sign out in Google Account and then paste this link and download file as a random user.

Use incognito window and paste your file shareable link. Follow these instructions I guide you with screenshots on how to create a shareable link in google drive and use it in incognito window.

How To Make A File Downloadable in Google Drive.

Right click on the file in Google Drive you want to generate a shareable link. Click on share same like I am doing in the screenshot.

Create shareable link in Google Drive

Create shareable link in Google Drive

A new popup window is shown on screen after clicking on the share option. In option (Anyone on the internet) select public or edit and then simply copy the generated URL.

Generate share link in google drive

Generate share link in google drive

Sign out in Google account and paste this copied URL in the browser. I am hopeful you are able to download your files. If still show an error then go to the incognito window. For going incognito window press this shortcut.

Shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + N)

Then a new incognito window open. Paste shareable generate URL and click on download all otherwise download the single file manually. For more guideline and understanding watch this picture. In picture, I go incognito window and paste the URL I copied in the previous picture.

Download Google Drive files as an random user

Download Google Drive files as a random user

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Congratulations! now you are able to download any kind of files in Google Drive which showing errors. In the future, if you need any kind of help about social media, Blogging, and Affiliate marketing feels free to visit in HMANCH for finding the best solutions for your problems.

This tip is helpful and you successfully download your file from Google Drive let me know in comments?

Share this information with your friends on social media because sharing is caring. See you in the next tutorial. Thanks for your time.

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