How to Block Websites in Chrome Within 2 Clicks

  • April 25, 2019
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How To Block A Website in Google Chrome

How To Block A Website in Google Chrome

How To Block A Website On Chrome (Browser).

Sometimes some websites disturbing your work and your team. In some other cases, you want to block a website because your kids are using it. No matter what kind of cases you face and most important is blocking websites in chrome and very easy and simple.

In our this simple guideline article I show you how to block disturbing sites on chrome. For each step, I am following I capture and share screenshots with you for your better understanding of all the process.

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First, go on chrome extension webstore. If you don’t know how can you go there simply click on this given link.


Then Google Chrome extensions web store open on your screen. Otherwise, you can simply search on Google “Chrome Extensions webstore“. When Chrome web page is opened search “Block Site” and download or add block website extension.

Block website on Chrome

Block website on Chrome

Now your browser wants your confirmation to add this extension in your browser. Click “Add Extension” and within 1 minute this extension automatically add/install on your Google Chrome browser.

Block website extension in chrome

Block website extension in chrome

Once this extension is installed you will be seen an icon in the left corner of your browser. Same like this…

Website block extension in Chrome

Website block extension

Now we simply use this extension and we are able to block any website within just 2 clicks. Now go to any website you want to block on your chrome browser. For example, I want to block “Filehippo” website. Then I simply visit on file hippo and click on this extension. This extension automatically captures websites URL. Simply click “Block this site“.

Website block in Google chrome

Website block in Google Chrome

When you follow this process website simply blocked. Now when you visit on this website it cannot open. For unblocking this blocked website follow these ways.

  • Click on the Extension icon and select the setting option.
  • Visit blocked website and click on “edit your list“.

After this, all the blocked websites list appear on your screen. For unblocking any blocked website click on this (-) icon. As I show you in the given picture.

Unblock blocked website in Chrome

Unblock blocked a website in Chrome

After this process visits again on “filehippo” or any website you blocked before. Blocked website is unblocked now so it can easily open again on your web browser.

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